Benzino’s Diss To Joseline & Stevie J!

Y’all…..I CANT! Lol This man is doing the absolute most. He was all in the episode trying to plead the 5th that he ain’t tell Karlie Old Ass Red that he smashed Joseline to Stevie J. Now Benzino got this Joseline look a like in the video looking like a plume fool shaking her behind everywhere all ratchet. First of all, im not here for him to be making songs anyway, because he sound like a nut on the track in my opinion. He talking about in the song that Joseline was creeping out at 6 in the morning and stuff lol. AND why does every word in the song rhyme with Animinal. He tried to make every word fit with that. OMG so annoying lol. 

But for real, this song is stupid and pointless and childish! If Stevie suppose to be like a Bro to him and they’ve been friends for so long, why do some fuck shit like make a diss track about him and his chick? On top of that he claimed that he didn’t have no relations of that kind with Joseline anyway. I just dont understand any of them. They need to take Benzino off the cast of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta anyway, because ain’t nobody checking for him and his purpose on the show is not needed. BENZINO HAVE SEVERAL SEATS!

Whats your opinion on the video?