Celebrity Fall Out: Tiny & Toya


So Toya and her husband Memphitz Wright have been trying to get this new reality show out of theirs for a while now and apparently they haven’t had any success with that on their journey. Folks are saying that Toya is mad with Tameka “Tiny”, T.I. Wife, for supposedly not helping her get her reality show on. Toya basically thinks that Tiny has some connects with The BET network and I guess she expected some type of strings to get pulled.

Here’s the thing, I’m not getting how Toya can get mad at Tiny or anyone else for that matter just because her show isn’t getting picked up. If Tiny has a connect with BET or anybody or not, it’s not her responsibility to try to pitch her show. Tiny has her own life, ventures, and family to tend to. Ain’t nobody got time for that! If no one is trying to pick up the show maybe it’s because nobody really gives a damn that much about what Toya and Memphitz is doing on a daily basis. In fact, if we want to know what Toya is doing we can just get on Instagram or twitter. I’m not sure that anyone cares what Memphitz is doing at all so the same goes for him. I recommend some patience or to just let it go. Toya has a clothing store and does a lot of other business things, stop being pressed to let people into your business on some damn reality tv. It also doesn’t look like Memphitz and his music thing is doing to well. If he don’t get it right, I’m going to need for him to have a seat and find another profession because nobody has time to be sitting around waiting for some label to sign any of his wack artist.


One thought on “Celebrity Fall Out: Tiny & Toya

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