Really Reality! Strip Club Queens of Atlanta!

Let me just say, I can’t take the madness lol. I really can not. As if Love and Hip Hop Atlanta isn’t enough ratchetness!


Some genius had the most awesome idea to create Strip Club Queens of Atlanta Lol. This show is suppose to basically put out whats really going on in the stripper world and what these strippers go through on the daily. They are putting their lives out there lol. Im sorry I can’t really take this show seriously, but it is what it is. Its going to be seen by someones eyes.

Alright so there are 6 members of the cast who go by the names Kat (The white girl), BeBe, Sinna (Chick with the blue hair & eyebrows), Ginger, Farrari, & Boy Toy.

Watch the trailer here:


Let me give my first impression on every female from watching the trailer.

First of all KAT!, its cool you the only white girl in the mix, okay! We get it! You got ass and know how to shake it, we get it! I feel like she pressed for attention the most of everyone from the trailer. I also need for her to chill out on all the racial discussions in her confessionals, AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! She also has a drinking problem from what I seen on here & anger issues, as if skrippin’ aint enough, now you wanna make it worse by being a angry alcoholic, alright if that’s what you wanna do.  I wanna hit on the fact that in her confessional she has the nerve to come to the realization that she is getting herself in trouble and needs to put the alcohol to rest. Lol OH REALLY CHYY. You better read your own self girllllll lol. She basically said that they aint playing with her about her shit and the black guy, who i assume is the owner was basically like, Ima sit you out if you dont get it together. OHHH WAIT, then she goes on to say that she dont know what she gone do & and that she needs that job. Ima need her to put some applications in at Mcdonalds or something. or hit up her local college or education connection and scoop up a degree. But I guess if you been skrippin’ so long aint much you can do huh?

SINNA! I dont really have much to say about her, beside she the chick with blue hair and eyebrows lol. HURRAY to being different and standing out I guess. It is what it is. All I learned about her in the trailer was that she was suspended for a while for basically not being able to control her anger and not beat a bitch ass at the club pretty much.

GINGER! aint really much to say about her either beside that her name does kinda fit her. She got some lil gold streaks and what not in her hair and she yella Lol whatever. Not no big story with her so far.

FARARRI! she is country denna motha! you can tell she from the south. She definitely comes off as the “trill bitch” as some people would put it. In her lil confessional she just basically calling shit like she see it about females hanging with each other and doing side stuff, and females laying up with another girls nigga and all that. Some ratchet mess.

BOY TOY! I can remember her because she got a butterfly on her chest lol. RANDOM! OHHHHH AND SHE LOOK LIKE SHAY FROM LOVE AND HIP HOP DOH LOL She said chicks is hating on her for what she do and mad cuz her Hot Pocket (K. Michelle Voice) is more famous than theirs lol. As if the money thats thrown to her aint enough, I guess she want a cookie too. She stated how she use to be a slum bitch from the ghetto and what not. *plays started from the bottom* She gotta a bunch of animals and three kids. Ima stop right here and say, I need her to find another profession! Chy you got kids, and a little daughter at that, I need for you to teacher her that you aint gotta strip for money! Thank you very much.

BEBE! She got beef with KAT! they cant seem to get along because of all the back and forth racial comments. I aint got nothing to say bout the chick though lol. sorry.

You can watch this show on URBANCLOUT.COM!

Well thats my lil review on this trailer, leave comments and let me know yours if you will.



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